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In shock and outrage, Christy hightails it out of there.

She literally runs into Matt Slade, a mysterious yet compelling stranger. He helps her get away from her pursuing groom. Soon Christy and Matt are on a yacht headed out to sea. And into a storm that wrecks the boat and casts the two upon a desert island. From there on, a most engaging romantic fantasy unfolds. Both characters have to deal with issues from their past that impair their ability to love.

Matt must make sense of his gorgeous yet puzzling companion. Is she a golddigger, intent on going through with the interrupted wedding once they're rescued? And Christy must figure out Matt. Is he just another beach bum, possibly a boat thief? Or someone else entirely? Author Kandy Shepherd relates their story in a skillful manner. She captures well each detail of the Eden-like setting, each plot development, each emotional nuance as Christy and Matt's relationship grows.

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Surprises, ironies, and humorous incidents abound. And what a way the author has with love scenes! She runs the gamut from sweet to sizzling. I especially appreciate the feeling of you-are-there, how easily it is for the reader to put herself in Christy's place. Shepherd makes the story fascinating even though most scenes involve only two characters. Usually I find pretty dull romances that focus this much on the hero and heroine, with no secondary characters for most of the story.

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Struggling to write a new novel, Millicent insists they head to the remote Scottish island of Inchtinn to find inspiration. When Noah encounters an otherworldly cave-dwelling girl, a sinister real-life mystery unfolds as Millicent struggles with her fictional Adventurers story.

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Indeed, tensions between mother and son run high throughout, and are powerfully addressed in the thrilling final sequences when Noah must face his greatest fears. It's the latest Brilliant Blockbuster from best-selling Baddiel! A non-stop thrill-ride adventure that will have readers young and old racing to the finishing line. The Taylor Turbochaser is a road-trip rollercoaster At its heart is the unforgettable Amy Taylor.

Amy loves cars, and dreams of being a driver.

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But there's a major catch: her slow old wheelchair with its broken wheel. When Amy finally gets a new electric one, it's exciting But standard engines only have so much power. And that's where Rahul comes in - Amy's best friend and genius inventor. Soon Rahul turns a wheelchair into And so the Taylor Turbochaser is born. But when it all goes suddenly wrong Amy is going to have to hit the road - and drive The familiar names of David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg are covered, with fascinating information about their backgrounds and the pivotal moments that set them on their earth-saving quests.

Throughout the tone is — importantly and commendably — engaging and easily readable yet refreshingly grown-up, in that its audience of young readers are never talked-down to about big issues. Teeming with heart, hope and humanity, this non-fiction treasure is ideal for reading alone or using in the classroom. Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind contains some very profound ideas, wrapped up in a fairly simple but well written allegorical adventure story, liberally peppered with complex physics.

This latter is hardly surprising, as the author is a quantum physicist and also a prominent Jewish businessman. His debut novel tells of two young siblings, Aaron and Stella, who are tasked with the mission of returning the Book to the people. The book in question contains the teachings of the Supreme Ruler and the people are the Mushi tribes, who live in the Land of the Mind. Over time the Mushi tribes have forgotten the teachings and have diluted and splintered their once coherent and strong focus on living a life of goodness.

Because of this, the Black Queen has been able to grow her power and bring evil and chaos into the world. The children must enter each of the Leaders' countries on the way to Memory Mountain, where the Book is kept, and in each they face challenging and dangerous situations, some even appearing impossible, but faith in the Supreme Leader carries them through. However, as two of the characters, Albert and Arthur, recognise, it is not through faith alone that the world will be changed for the better. It is a fact, though, that science is agnostic and can be used for both good and ill, so science must be used alongside belief and 'only then will we be able to improve our world and destroy evil'.

This message, that we must learn to play down the differences in the way we observe our faith and work together, using science, to combat the evil and chaos threatening our world, is very compelling and deserving of more than the pages given to it.

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I should have liked to see the main characters drawn in greater depth and the challenges in the Black Queen's Leaders countries given more space to build the dramatic tension. I hope that children will enjoy the story and take on board at least some of its message. The book is a fictionalised version of events leading to the suffrage of women in The main protagonists in the book are Alice, a keen member of the suffragette movement, and her younger sister Rose, who whilst interested in the prospect of votes for women, is less certain about the approaches used to gain attention for the cause.

Composed of diary extracts, letters and a third-person narrative, the story is engaging and also enables the reader to appreciate the complexity of the issues from the perspective of different characters. As with all books in the series, there is a set of comprehension questions asking readers to retrieve key information; to consider the meaning and effectiveness of vocabulary; and to evaluate the actions of characters at different points of the narrative.

Further research prompts are also provided, ensuring that pupils have the opportunity to extend and apply their understanding of the text. Both of these narrative techniques offer the reader opportunities to consider the validity of the stories they experience. Both stories are accompanied by full-colour illustrations that support the narratives. A range of comprehension questions asking readers to retrieve key facts, to compare the themes contained in the two stories and offer opinions are provided, which is welcome for teachers looking to develop the comprehension skills required at the end of KS2.

Written for young adults but will appeal to adult readers also. The author tells the story of two differing boys and what brings them together, they both have an interest in habitats and badgers living in a wood near to where they live. It shows how friendship is important regardless of status or where they have come from.

I found myself in the treehouse whilst the boys looked into the badgers and the beautifully drawn illustrations added to this. The author writes well and has a great understanding of nature and the natural world, and I literally could not put the book down and boy was there an ending.

The Magic Cave: A Cascade Children’s Book

Moralistic which again will apply to both young adults and grown-ups. Recommended read. This time it is Betty who needs help. When Pa Peachey gets a new job the whole family is upheaved. Everyone is excited about it except for Betty. Not only has she got to move house but she also to say goodbye to her old friends and go to a new school.

Betty does not want to be the new girl: she is terrified. Luckily, McTavish thinks of the best possible way to turn her arrival at a new school into a triumph rather than a catastrophe. November Debut of the Month Lina, born into a Soviet prison camp, has to find her way in the world when she escapes with some very disreputable characters.

She is chased by her best friend, shadow wolves and a terrifying sorceress taking revenge on humankind. Without her friend Bogdan and her slow discovery of the magic she has she would perish — and she very nearly does on several occasions — in this gripping, bewitching story. The story combines all the best elements of a straightforward adventure with friends and a magically invested tale, echoing some of the folk tales of the area.

The reader can taste the fear engendered by Svetlana the sorceress, and marvel at the bravery of the two young heroes in their battles against her and also the sheer determination needed to survive the awful winter climate. This novel will have a wide appeal, with characters that are carefully drawn — and appealing to both boys and girls. The mix of horror, magic and adventure make it very readable — a great read for a winters evening.

Our World Explained in 12 Simple Maps Maps are endlessly fascinating to children but this book will really open up the world to them. By showing the ways geography, history and politics converge he makes complicated stuff — the situation in the Middle East for example — accessible and fascinating. Kara and Joe live in a floating slum on the edge of what is left of London after rising seas have drowned our civilisation.

Timely, thought-provoking, and action-packed. Ordinary Kids with Extraordinary Stories Young people looking for inspiration will find it in the true stories told in this book. Established seller since Seller Inventory LQ Seller Inventory LIE Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days.