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His repertoire of stories and songs was large though he was illiterate. Hatim 's narratives in Kashmiri as recorded by Stein in Devanagari character. All rights reserved. Site by Ardent.

Stories of Kashmir | Stanislas Giroux

Pivot to Interface. One was captured by the Indian army, accused to supply guns to the pro Pakistan separatists. The other was captured by the mudjahedeens, accused for spying.

They both never came back. Disappearances affected more than Kashmiri. Since years, mass graves of dead bodies are revealed in this area. But large scale DNA tests are not an option for now. Even if they know they are currently mostly dead, the fact that the government admits this genocide is their only will. Army officers have legal immunity for their actions.

Kashmir: a tale of two mothers

Today, some internet bans still happen, mostly before death anniversaries of so-called martyrs, to prevent riots and demonstrations. That time, thousands of Pandits left the valley, suggesting that the community suffered enough intimidation to abandon their homes.

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On the other hand, the accounts of Kashmiri Pandits who stayed behind in Kashmir contradict claims by Pandits in the diaspora who say that Kashmiri Pandits suffered 'a genocide' and were forced 'into exile'. They used to be Pandits and their family lived there for 4 generations. To avoid persecutions, they decided to change their name and to convert to islam. Also known as "laanch", they run the business of dating industry in kashmiri society.

Their role is to record the profile of single men and women, and find the best match, so that their families can meet and arrange a marriage. They are basically the human Tinder of Kashmir. You can meet several transgender people in the streets of Srinagar. Until the moment you wash your right hand with the Tush-naer pictured above, the bad news is that it's forbidden to quit the ceremony until the plate is over even if you want to pee?

Condition: New. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. Publishers Distributors Pvt. Dust Jacket Condition: New. Folk-tale is a subject which requires the most dainty treatment and the careful analysis. Most folk-lorists find it as a source to analysis the practices, ideas and beliefs of the people of ancient and middle ages. In those days fables was popular as it was adopted as medium of instruction. It is believed that an apposite or well-told story would arouse attention where logical arguement or abstract reasoning would fail to produce the slightest effect.

'Living in so much fear'

These fictitious narratives with their moral and religious applications had a very considerable influence upon the literature of those days. Some folk-lorists believe that several tales must be attributed to a mythological origin, but some others believe that many tales must be attributed to historical origin. However, whatsoever the nature of treating the folk-lores, India has abundance of popular folk-lores in its credit, among which the stature of Kashmir is unparallel. Perhaps, Kashmir has not been surpassed in fertility by any other country in the world.

But, for centuries the great treasure of these fairy tales of Kashmir had remained unknown to the rest of the world due to its isolated position and difficulty of language. This book attempts to unveil the treasure of fairy-tales that was very popular among the natives of the country. As the author points out, many of the tales in this collection are purely Kashmiri in origin, while others are undoubtedly variants of popular tales current in India and other parts of the world, which have been adopted and modified to suit the language, style of thought and social usage of the country.

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