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Hometown: Chicago, Illinois. Date of Birth: June 8, Place of Birth: Ames, Iowa. Education: B. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Brush Back 4. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Fast pace.

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Great characters. Will read more by this author. Virginiaw More than 1 year ago This was my favorite book in this series in a while. It had all my favorite characters from all of this series. I look forward to reading the next in this series. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I found Brush Back to be very enjoyable. The writing style and plot-line are more reminiscent of Paretsky's earlier Warshawsky novels, for which I am thankful.


I am also thankful that Paretsy mostly refrained from inserting talking points from the liberal agenda, which tend to distract more conservative readers from the actual story. This one makes me hopeful again for future V I Warshawsky novels. Stephanie Clanahan. Warshawski series that started back in I was a loyal fan of Ms.

Paretsky, reading every V. Warshawski book she wrote, right up until "Tunnel Vision". It was written in , then Sara Paretsky stopped writing V. Warshawski mysteries for five long years. By then I had moved on to other authors and didn't picked up the series again, until now. I must admit, I was a bit surprised to find that the main character hadn't really changed in twenty years. She's now fifty but she is still a dogged fighter for the truth and in doing so, also still puts herself in serious peril.

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This is Paretsky's eighteenth Warshawski mystery and I found myself begging the question, "Why does this character continue to put herself and others in such danger? Frank Guzzo wants V. Stella Guzzo was just released from prison after doing her time for the murder of her daughter but she claims she didn't kill young Annie. Stella always hated the Warshawskis and it seems time has only made that hate stronger. She is now accusing V. The problem is Boom Boom can't be questioned as he died years after Annie's murder.

Her main goal is to clear her dead cousin's good name, he's a hero in Chicago and it grates on V. The problem with looking into this very messy old case is the political powers that be don't want V. The result of V. I have to rate this book a three out of five and I'm disappointed that I have to give it a low rating.

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  8. Paretsky's writing is still tight and every detail connects beautifully. Although this mystery was tedious and filled with details, I have to give props to Paretsky for keeping everything straight and connecting all the dots creatively. My biggest problem with this book was the one question that kept popping into my head over and over as I moved through the story.

    SARA to the Second Power - Book 2 of the Psychic Sara series

    Why hasn't the character gained any maturity? If your life and the life of the ones you love were seriously threatened, wouldn't you let and old murder that was already adjudicated go when all you're fighting is just to clear the name of a dead guy? Aren't the living more important? Also, the other characters who have been with V. Her best friend and doctor still admonishes V. There is a similar situation with Mr.

    Contraras who is now ninety. When does a character act his age? Even the dogs she had back then are still alive.

    Brush Back (V. I. Warshawski Series #17)

    Fans of the V. Warshawski series will still probably like this book. As I said above, it was actually beautifully rendered. Since I'm com. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Idk. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Dont be inappropriate. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Yeah.

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    Anonymous More than 1 year ago Hi this is Abigail I will tell you the story just text me back. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Hi. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Hey iam a girl 14 whont to chat ps iam friends with lola, mia, nate and iam dating zane so we can all chat on books romans , between the world and me , and gray cant whayt to her from you : ps we always chat at at night :. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Hay Sara is my name!!!!!!!! Anonymous More than 1 year ago Oh yeah u tell that beach off. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Ur ugly. Related Searches. Zella Grisham never denied shooting her boyfriend.

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