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But he refused because he cannot betray his country. This account sealed his faith. The inevitable event came in the early morning of January 24, when Dr. Mendoza was taken allegedly to treat the sick soldiers at the airport. He was however, actually brought to a remote place in the coconut plantation of his in-laws, the Clark family, in Canigaran where he was secretly executed. The Japanese, as a cover-up story, released the information that Dr. Mendoza was sent to Manila. Another lie was that he was sent to Japan for further medical training. These were the incredible lies that the Japanese answered Mrs.

The truth surfaced about mid, when Esperanza Clark Marcelo, the elder sister of Trining Mendoza saw a woven crocheted belt with the buckle Iowa University being worn by a Tagbanua working for Dr. It was the same buckle that Esperanza gave a gift to Dr. Mendoza before World War II. She told Trining about it. Thereupon, Trining went to Eduardo Valencia and asked him if they could talk to the Tagbanua.

The Tagbanua recalled, while they were picking shell-fish at the end of Canigaran Beach, they heard a truck approaching. Since it was a very isolated place they became curious.

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They hiding behind the bushes, watched what was happening. About five or six Japanese soldiers formed a line in front of Dr. Mendoza whose hands were tied behind his back. One of the Japanese directed a Filipino-Japanese mestizo puppet soldier to stand in front of the line of Japanese soldiers and ordered him to shoot Governor Mendoza.

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He fired three times. The Tagbanua saw the puppet soldier hang the belt of Governor Mendoza on a bush. When the Japanese left, he approached the place where Governor Mendoza was shot. They saw what appeared to be a grave.

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Timod, the Tagbanua family head, took the belt with him. Clark and Alfred Palanca Clark, a brother-in-law who died during the war. In early , Governor Alfredo M. Abueg, Sr. Trinidad Mendoza for the transfer of the remains of the late Dr.

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Mendoza to a more prominent site. The remains were laid in state at the Provincial Capitol for one day. The skull of the first Filipino dated 22, years B. The architectural design of the City Hall in Barangay Sta. Monica is unique. Its imposing location at the top of the hill gives it an air of strength. Below the City Hall is the open stadium or the Sports Complex. The compound is something not found elsewhere, the blending of resources. The Provincial Capitol Building is a stand-out in architectural design which depicts Moslem influence indicated in the dome-shaped center roof.

It was constructed through the initiative of Speaker Ramon V. Mitra, when Victoriano J. Rodriguez was Governor of Palawan. It is a two-story building with large stairways at each floor, lighted from the transparent dome-shaped center roof. Vicente, who served as Mayor of Puerto Princesa for three terms. Its area of responsibility is the island of Palawan and its surrounding waters. The main mission of Project Kaunlaran was to occupy the Kalayaan Chain of Islands Spratly Islands to strengthen the claim of the Philippines over the islands.

With the discovery of oil in northwest Palawan, the Wecom expanded its operations. In order to secure the oil well and to complement the changing role of Palawan in national development, the Engineering Composite Battalion of the Philippine Army was placed under the operational control of the Command in order to undertake vital infrastructure projects of the province. The presence of the Wescom prevented the Muslim rebels from Mindanao in gaining a foothold in southern Palawan.

It also checked the establishment of rebel movement in northern Palawan. Its more specific tasks are: to secure the oil and natural gas exploration in Palawan; defend the Kalayaan Chain of Islands; develop Palawan into an effective defense of the region; and assist in the socio-economic development of Palawan. The majestic semi-Gothic style Cathedral of our Lady of Immaculate Conception, located near the waterfront, stands on the same spot where the Catholic Church in Puerto Princesa was built in It is said to be a replica of the Church of Sto.

Domingo de la Calzada in Logronio, Spain. The wood carvings, the wooden Stations of the Cross, the pews and heavy wooden doors were all made by the inmates of the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm. It was consecrated on August 15, He was succeeded by Father Leandro Nieto in Father Joaquin Fernandez, a musician-parish priest had the old parish convent repaired.

In , the Cursillo de Cristianidad was introduced in the parish and the old Seminario de San Jose building was often used as cursillo house. A saintly and well-loved priest from Dumarao, Capiz, he served until strengthening the different religious organizations. He was succeeded by Father Casiano Cosmilla. Both priests belong to the Order of the Augustinian Recollects. Typical feature of Philippine parks is the statue of Dr.

Jose Rizal, the Philippine National Hero. It is usually located in the town or village center. However, in Puerto Princesa, the Rizal Park is located a few meters away from the main door of the Cathedral. This can be attributed to the fact that during the Spanish era, the church stands in the center of the plaza complex. It is the restored ruins of an old Japanese encampment. These also served as air-raid shelters.


Only 11 prisoners lived to tell the story about what happened inside the tunnel. The names of the living soldiers with their address are engraved on the Marker, a grim reminder of World War II atrocities. Pacheco, Denning, New Mexico. All about them, their work lay in ruins.

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A thousand naked days of clearing, lifting, leveling, wheel borrowing, backing. Ripping out the black humus floor of the jungle and felling the gnarled beasts of mahogany or narra or kamagong that happened to be in the way.

Above the bay, in a malarial forest skittering with monkeys and monitor lizards, they had built an airstrip where none should be, and now they were happy to see it in ruins, cratered by bombs. One hundred and fifty slaves stood on a tarmac meters long and meters wide, straining with shovels and pickaxes and rakes. This morning had been different. The men had risen at dawn and eaten a breakfast of weevily rice then climbed aboard and took a break for lunch around noon.

But now the Buzzard said no lunch would be served on the strip, that instead the food would be prepared back at the barracks. Sato offered no explanation.


The prisoners crawled into their trucks again and took the bumpy serpentine road back to the prison. In the meager share of spindly coconut palms, they ate their lunches squatting beside their quarters in an open-air stockade that was secured with two barbed wire fences. The entire compound was built at the edge of a cliff that dropped fifty ragged feet to a coral beach splashed by the warm blue waters of Puerto Princesa Bay.

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It was nothing more than a soldier pounding on an old Catholic church bell splotched with verdigris. The men looked up and saw two American fighters Ps streaking across the sky but the planes were moving away from the island and were too high to pose a danger. Having become discriminating appraisers of aerial threat, the prisoners ignored the signal and resumed their lunches. A few minutes later a second air-raid alarm sounded.