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It Is Never Too Late. Bibliographic information. Literary Collections. Finding Our Way Back to Eden Zo Owen iUniverse , Apr 14, - Literary Collections - pages 0 Reviews Eden or paradise is not a place, nor has it even been a place, but rather is a metaphor for an inner experience of a paradisaical state of inner unity.

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He is not afraid to use reason and debate, and his strategies involved cultural adaption. Having observed that Paul is unafraid to use reason and dialogue in his encounter with ideas opposed to or different to the Gospel he also knows the limits of human reason.

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In Romans he quotes a hymn of praise composed of a number of Biblical phrases to emphasise this:. Reason alone will not bring us all the way to God we also need divine revelation because, like all our human faculties, our reason is limited and imperfect. Christians also believe that it is the work of the Holy Spirit in our minds and hearts that brings true understanding and awareness of God to us as we observe and experience creation.

John In relation to knowledge and our purpose , the limits of our reason mean that our capacity to develop a comprehensive knowledge from nature and reason alone is limited and often leads us to a narrow and reductionist view of reality that rejects the transcendent.

This approach to epistemology and ontology locks us out of the answers to the vital questions of meaning, morality, values and our ultimate purpose. In they are told they could eat the fruit of any of the trees in the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve are ejected from the garden and all it represents in terms of intimacy and fellowship with God.

Their ejection is described in a dramatic way in Genesis In other words the way back to fellowship and intimacy with God, the way back to life as it was meant to be, must now be by another way. The way through autonomous reason, nature and the material and physical world alone will not take us there.

Now it is important not to misunderstand this point.

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The discoveries and mastery of a great deal of our physical world that modern science has delivered has to be celebrated, enjoyed and encouraged. Every time when we hear of another new medical breakthrough to overcome disease or enhance physical life we should rejoice at the creative ability God has given us.

He has given us the freedom and capacity to discover true knowledge about our world, especially in the physical and material world.