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Culture is a symbol to easily identify a nation. So even in a business meeting, there is also unique culture. Indonesians highly uphold the cultural values that have been embraced for a long time, especially the value of politeness and care for others including people just known. Some culture influences that will be found when doing business in Indonesia are such as 4 :. The relationship with Business partners in Indonesia has become a core value. For instance, foreigners have to cooperate with a knowledgeable partner who has close ties with government officials. This approach will help them to decline the difficulties in doing Businesses.

In Indonesia, a high power distance value is existence among society, in particular in organisation. It is not polite to call these group directly with their name without title. Each organisation in Indonesia has their approach for establishing cooperation with a business partner. A trustworthy local partner will help foreigners to overcome Business issues and to share their knowledge. A dinner invitation aims to get to know both business partners closer and more personal. It is the time to build the trust during on business process and to learn your ability to convince the assurance you offer.

The gift is the most common symbol to give to the Indonesian partner in a business meeting that aims to break the boundary of the relationship. It also can make them happy to establish a further business relationship with foreigners. There are some particular things that need to be considered in a business meeting to avoid misunderstanding between people. Foreign companies may also deal with challenges when expanding business in Indonesia, particularly business culture problems that often happen, such as 5 :.

The Indonesian government is responsible for determining standards, and technical regulations for domestic and foreign products before exported or imported to the Indonesian market. Any necessary certifications for product registration at national level include 6 :. All Foreign and domestic investment are required to register their business into this body. In the old regulations, the franchise regulations existed in the Government Regulation No.

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Following are also some Indonesian franchising regulations:. MOT Reg. Currently, the Franchise regulations exist in the regulation of the Minister of Trade No. The Government wants to increase the number of local manufacturing and decrease the number of imported goods and services in the franchise sector. The other changes points include 9 :.

Some advantages of IPR are an innovation assurance of competitors, a mode to protect the loss of business, revenue, reputation and competitive position of the market. As of December , there are up to registered intellectual property rights consultants in Indonesia.

All are registered with the Directorate General for Intellectual Property Rights of Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and must renew the registration every two years For the commercial business style like the Coffee Club, it seems a bit difficult to adjust to this regulation. The potential franchise partner of the Coffee Club in Indonesia must get an approval from the head company in Australia for all used raw materials, on the other hand, 80 per cent of the raw materials must be also local product as stated in the Regulation If a franchisor does not compliance the regulations for the first time, the Assessment Team will issue a warning letter which contains the registration procedure.

Consequently, it leads to store closure and reputational damage for the franchisor Other possible trade restriction is the culture parameters of both countries. First of all, we decide the number of employees based on the store concept and the store size. We have established our production facility which has the potential production capability for nearly stores in Istanbul, Turkey. You will need to have a cold storage with min. You can make weekly or monthly frozen product order according to your sales. Please read the following articles which include the terms of use of our website.

Your use of the website means that you agree to the following articles. This limitation can be applied for the orders that are thought to have been placed by wholesalers and retail dealers or placed for the purpose of resale from the same customer account using the same credit card and that include the same invoice or delivery address. The website content is purely for personal and non-commercial use.

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  5. A brand everybody is proud of. Be a part, of the fastest-growing Turkish food chain in the world. Mastery with love. Our chefs prepare with love. We compete with global brands.

    Praxisbuch Franchising by Veronika Bellone Thomas Matla

    We serve one million people daily. Successfully represents our country in the world. Physical Criterias: m2 or larger, with minimum 8 meters of facade width and 3 meters of ceiling height.

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    Physical Criterias: Minimum m2 shop, with minimum 8 meters of facade width and 3 meters of ceiling height. A cold storage area inside the shopping mall. Physical Criterias: Min. Should have at least 3 facades with service possibility. The basic infrastructure, such as electricity, water, etc. Select location and concept for the store. Multiple Store Franchise Franchising given minimum for a city, in the countries where we already have stores or in selected new countries.

    Master Franchise Exclusive franchising given for a country, region or city to only one investor. What are the terms of being a Master Franchise? What are the store preparation stages? The auditions took place in Cologne , Hamburg , Oldenburg and Munich and approximately people applied for the three-part show. The auditions took place in the first two programs on 20 October and 27 October , in the Schiller Theater in Berlin.

    The show reached up to 6. On 3 November, year-old opera singer Ricardo Marinello won in the final by singing and won , euros. On 18 October , the second season began. Due to good ratings, the number of episodes was increased to 7 episodes; 4 audition shows, each 1 hour long and 3 live shows, each 2 hours long. The last episodes were on 15 and 22 November.

    Season 3 began on 16 October The judge line-up remained the same from Season 2. Due to the high viewing figures in the second season, RTL Television increased the number of the audition episodes from 4 to 7 and the number of the semifinalists from 24 to On 20 December , Yvo Antoni went on to win the show, for his act with his dog, which received a controversial response. Season 4 began on 16 May in Frankfurt am Main. The first episode was screened on 24 September. The first episode had some of the best quotes of all the seasons: 7.

    The second episode the following day topped that with 7. The top 40 semi-finals began on 27 November. Season 5 started airing on 16 September , while the castings started on 1 May in Hamburg.

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    The judge line-up was changed as Bruce Darnell decided to leave the show to be replaced by professional dancer Motsi Mabuse. The first episode attracted 7,34 million viewers.


    The episode hit a season low with only 5,83 million viewers and lost against The Voice of Germany in the target group The Final was aired on 17 December The sixth season began on 15 September There have been significant changes to the show. Daniel Hartwich took over hosting duties, and Dieter Bohlen was the only judge to remain on the panel. On 22 June former host of the popular German show Wetten, dass..? Auditions only took place in the Tempodrom in Berlin. If one of the judges pushes the buzzer the candidate comes to the next round, no matter what the other judges think.

    At the last day of taping the auditions, performer Rene Richter asked jury member Michelle Hunziker to get involved in the performance where she was being held by a lead with Rene holding it with his teeth.